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Released November 1, 2014

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"...I was listening to Tom's CD in my car. It seemed to be like a perfect cup of coffee on a cold winter day..." - Terri, Oklahoma City









"I adore this book... The lines don't flinch, they don't offer easy resolution, but struggle instead to uncover that dwindling quality earned through sacrifice and loss - truth."  K.P. Liles, author of "Singing Back the Darkness" and "Spring Hunger"

"Six Truths: fifty sonnets" represents Tom Begich's first foray into published poetry, though he has been writing all his life. These fifty sonnets, culled from a lifetime of experience, illustrate those six themes that Begich calls "truths": Love, Loss, Lust, War, Time and Distance. At times wry and at others searing, these sonnets seek to re-engage us with the form in ways that are at once modern and timeless.

Illustrated by Fred Jenkins, with cover art by KeseyPollock, this is an important part of any Tom Begich collection.

"Muscular, whimsical, and with a deep undertow of yearning and loss -- Begich's poems speak, cajole and whisper to us in a rigorous vernacular all their own."  Jesse Browner, author of "Everything Happens Today"

"In Begich's work, the quiet napkin on the lap can gather the power of blanket, of salve. Beneath its skinny paper may lurk the lusty voices of the world's 'shameful pigs' or the sort of 'pomegranate juice that rises above innuendo and transforms into the sweetest of gallows... This is an observant, daring, and essential debut."  Mathew Galvin Frank, author of "The Morrow Plots" and "Barolo"









Traveling Through  

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  1. Cleveland County 3:10
  2. Annalee 4:32
  3. Geography of Love 3:04
  4. Time 5:14
  5. Gideon's Bible 3:51
  6. Bitter Streets of Brooklyn 4:57
  7. Latte Lady 3:00
  8. The Wave 3:18
  9. The Badge 4:21
  10. Fulton Street 4:28
  11. Learning to Walk Again 3:08
  12. Eddies Song 5:18
  13. Traveling 4:56
  14. CALM Serenade (Instrumental) 1:32

Video of "Annalee" by John Hayes from a performance at Andrea Clearfield's Salon November 2012


This long anticipated CD, produced by Dennis Lind and Mastered by Bernie Grundman, took over ten years to work out the words and the moments, as Tom traveled the country. These are songs of a highway - 150 years ago and today.  A yearning journey to calm, Traveling Through is Tom Begich taking notes as he roams somewhere in America...

"Tom's new record is perfect for freedom-packed drives in the sunshine, rainy days alone, or a great background for contemplation and creativity. Honesty, humor, melancholy... all tempered with songs that will easily draw you in. "Traveling Through" is a good companion for any journey you might have in mind. I was hooked from day #1..."

- Amanda Beery

Cool Blue Light


Cool Blue Light     On i tunes now!  or CD Baby
  1. Cool Blue Light 4:23
  2. Fat Moon 5:01
  3. Neon Cross 4:20
  4. Borderline 5:21
  5. Bakersfield 5:21
  6. To Be With You 2:39
  7. Charleston 3:23
  8. Paradise 3:50
  9. Like a Fire 3:37
  10. Lucinda's Dream 3:48
  11. Journey's End 6:08
  12. Banbury Road (Instrumental) 3:36

Cool Blue Light is the fourth CD by Alaska native Tom Begich, and in my opinion, is his best so far. Begich is an authentic troubadour, crisscrossing the country, playing at small venues and house concerts, and obviously gathering on a first hand basis much of the material that makes its way into his songs.


Cool Blue Light is a well engineered and packaged product, and should bring Tom a whole lot of new fans...If it's your good fortune to have him show up in your neck of the woods, he is well worht the effort to go and see.  On a scale of one to ten, I'd give Cool Blue Light a nine and a half.   -   Ron Young FolkWorks, July/August 2006


Leave the glaring limelight for others; Tom Begich prefers a more subtle hue. And the singer-songwriter explores that idea on his latest disc, “Cool Blue Light.” The lyrics and music suggest rather than demand, inviting the listener to pause and reminisce on life, if just for the moment, and find romance in the shadow of humanity while quietly dabbling in every day situations.   -   Amanda Becker, AK This Month

Albuquerque Road
Albuquerque Road
  1. Road to Ruin
  2. New Orleans
  3. Vincent (Came to Paris)
  4. Interlude
  5. Carlos (Got a Blood-Red Scar 'Cross His Belly)
  6. The Rain
  7. Black
  8. Running
  9. Slow
  10. Watching You
  11. Coming Home
  12. Albuquerque Road

Once again he has collected an awesome assortment of local musicians to flesh out his ideas. Bernard Glansbeek joins him on upright bass for the sleepy love song "Slow" and plays a nice mandolin on other cuts. Don Morrell plays on several numbers but really shines on the string-o-caster on the title track. Kris Rosenstrater is the king of the understated backbeat; Karl Pasch contributes some clarinet and wood flute accents; and Beth McKay adds some lovely background harmonies to this solid CD.   -   Brian MacMillan, Anchorage Press


"Albuquerque Road" was produced by Don Morrell and recorded at Tone Works Studios

Hotel Metropol
  1. Alex's Theme
  2. Sweet Fear
  3. Hotel Metropol
  4. Diamonds in My Dream
  5. Feel so Bad
  6. Everything's About to Change
  7. Roll On
  8. Holes in My Blues
  9. Johnny's Ambition
  10. Unfinished Conversation
  11. Alex's Theme, reprise

Hotel Metropol is Begich's second CD and combines contemporary folk, rock, and blues sounds with a smattering of Latin and classical influences. "Alexe's Theme" opens the CD with a haunting instrumental which sets up the fast paced folk piece "Sweet Fear". A Latin sound with a strong trumpet solo surrounds the title track, "Hotel Metropol," in sharp contrast with the more contemporary sound of the next three tracks, "Diamonds in My Dream," "Feels so Bad," and "Everything's About to Change." The last includes a captivating flute solo. "Roll On," and "Holes in my Blues" follow the struggles of love in a more acoustic vein as does the last song "Unfinished Conversation". "Johnny's Ambition" returns to the rock sounds of some of the earlier cuts.    Running time: 45:52

Such a World
  1. Sandi
  2. Mexico
  3. Sky Burns Gold
  4. Crazy World
  5. This Life I Lead
  6. Jennifer's Dream
  7. Fire in My Mind
  8. Twinkle
  9. Fall
  10. Dixie

Such a World combines elements of folk, rock, and classical music in a comtemporary exploration of life and almost-love. The ten songs begin with the instrumental "Sandi", followed by the reflective Buffett-esque ballad "Mexico". "Sky Burns Gold", the light rocker "Crazy World", and "This Life I Lead" continue to expand the theme of personal reflection. "Jennifer's Dream" is a simple ballad of love, while penatrating cello and piano underscore the love lost tone of "Fire in My Mind". The simple Haiku-like lyrics of "Fall" are bracketted by Begich's original instrumental arrangements of the traditional songs "Twinkle" and "Dixie".    Running Time: 38:02


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